Gratitude Postings: a list & an insight

I expect there are some readers who already “get,” along with me, that gratitude is a powerful – even transformative – force. And perhaps some who don't yet get it.

Whatever! You can lead a horse to water, as they say, but you cannot make it drink…

For me, gratitude comes up again & again & again, because it seems to me an utterly essential thing for all of us to practice faithfully. Heads filled with appreciative thoughts tend to lose their negative ones, & how can we ourselves (& the world around us) not benefit from that??

Anyway, rather than start repeating things I’ve already said about gratitude in other postings, here is a list of the ones that focus partly or exclusively on the phenomenon of gratitude. Here they are, in alphabetical order & reached easily using the links [[[[[***** Except these links are all dead now! Go here for a listing of gratitude postings]]]


p.s. Gratitude is even actually pretty much a radical act in this odd, uniquely rapacious culture of ours. As Joanna Macy has pointed out, “Thankfulness loosens the grip of the industrial growth society by contradicting its predominant message: that we are insufficient and inadequate. The forces of late capitalism continually tell us that we need more – more stuff, more money, more approval, more comfort, more entertainment. The dissatisfaction it breeds is profound. It infects people with a compulsion to acquire that delivers them into the cruel, humiliating bondage of debt. So gratitude is liberating. It is subversive. It helps us realize that we are sufficient, and that realization frees us. Elders of indigenous cultures have retained this knowledge, and we can learn from their practices.” [World as Lover, World as Self – Courage for Global Justice & Ecological Renewal, Joanna Macy, Parallax Press, 2007.]

p.p.s. Gratitude quotes listed here, in the 'Quotation Central!' section.

'Quote of the Day' with this post:  “Just to live is holy. To be is a blessing.” – Rabbi Abraham Heschel